About Us

Self Storage Cameras is a proud member of The Rugged Group, a group of companies that Manufacture products for the Security markets. 


Rugged Cams owners have had first hand experience in the car wash, gas station and Laundromats industries. 
By owning these businesses it gives our engineers the leg up on the competition. These experiences have led 
our engineers to build better products and solutions for the needs of operators and owners.


Self Storage Cameras Warrantees most of our equipment for 3 Years, and provides Tech Support for the lifetime of the equipment. When you contact us and provide a floorplan, pictures, drawing or even Google Earth snapshots, we can design and ship a complete system in as little as 24 Hours. All of our equipment is usually in stock and ready to ship out to our customers.


So when you need good security camera equipment, call us at Self Storage Cameras. We stand behind what we make!

Self Storage Cameras

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FAX: (903) 498-8989

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