VerteX RTH 8

IMAGE: Rugged Cams Vertex RTH DVR

VerteX RTH 8

  • 8 Channel Video & Audio
  • Remote Viewing Enabled
  • up to 6tb storage
Factory Direct Price
1tb Storage $1239
2tb Storage $1339
3tb Storage $1439
4tb Storage $1539
6tb Storage $1739
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Rugged Cams 8 Channel advanced series DVR

Real-Time Video & Audio Recording – ALL Channels! Recording Resolution up to 704X480 (The Industry calls this D1) – it is equal to DVD quality

Complete Control of all functions Remotely (Live, Playback, Backup & Recording all from your PC) via the network or internet

Built-In DVD & CD Burner Drive

Can perform 6 functions at once (live display, recording, playback, network access, backup, and configuration)

Additional Features"

  • Embedded Stand-alone High Resolution DVR
  • Operating Software is Embedded on Processor Chip
  • Future Software Upgrades are easy
  • Amazing Hexaplex Operation (can perform 6 functions simultaneously)
    • Live Display
    • Audio & Video Recording
    • Playback of Archived Footage
    • Search Archived Footage
    • Network Monitoring
    • Remote Setup of Schedules and Settings
  • 8 Channels of Real-Time 240 fps H.264 Video Recording
  • One Button Recording
  • Watermark on each Video Frame
  • Control multiple Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras
  • Built-in Web Server
  • Auto E-Mailing
  • Multi-level Password Permissions
  • Built-in Buzzer alerts you to potential problems
  • Lightning Fast Playback
    • Up to 300x speed or all the way down to frame by frame mod
  • Manages up to 3 Internal Hard Drives max 2tb each
  • Multiple ways to Transfer archived footage:
    • Over the Network or Internet - CMS Remote Softwar
    • USB 2.0 Removable Media - Memory Sticks, Thumb Drives,
    • Built-in DVD/CD-RW Drive - DVDs or CDs