Digital Split Screen Manager

IMAGE: 4 Camera VGA Quad Processor

Digital Split Screen Manager

  • VGA video Output
  • 5 Video Inputs
  • Real-Time Processing
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Quad VGA Remote

IMAGE: Black Diamond technology Infrared LED's


This revolutionary Digital Split Screen Manager beats all the other Quad Processors you've ever seen – hands down! Why? Because it does so much more.

The problem with most Quad Processors is that they usually have a BNC or RCA output. That forces you to use a CCTV Monitor to view them on – which are VERY expensive ($500-$700 usually). The only other option you may have with that type of output is to plug it into your TV's yellow video input plug, but the quality is not nearly as good when you do that.

The Digital Split Screen Manager not only gives you a BNC out put, but it's main output is a VGA connector. This allows you to instantly connect it to any LCD Computer Monitor, or any TV with a VGA input (most have them). AND – it allows you to run several different resolutions as well: 800 X 600, 1024 X 768 or even 1280 X 1024. (this unit does not come with a VGA cable – simply use the one that comes with your monitor).

The Digital Split Screen Manager starts up with the Quad split screen as default, but you can change it to MANY different configurations: Full Screen, Auto Switching Full Screen (with adjustable switching time), Picture-in-Picture (PIP), Full Screen with 3 PIP's, 2 Camera Half/Double Split, or even a half split with two ¼ page screens. (see diagram below)

The Digital Split Screen Manager has an On-Screen-Display (OSD) for setting features, using the built-in Time/Date/Title Generator, configuring picture borders, numbering or naming cameras, or adjusting dwell times for switching – and many more programmable features.

The Digital Split Screen Manager comes complete with a full function Infrared Remote (see picture left).

Now let's discuss a few of the many ways you could use the the “External Input” that allows a 5th camera or other digital feed
(NOTE: this 5th input is full screen only, and cannot be mixed in with any of the other cameras):

  • Hook your BNC output from your DVR to it, for viewing other cameras or even a 16 split from your DVR.
  • Hook a DVD Player, VCR or any other video feed into it.
  • Hook Cable TV into it and watch it on your LCD Monitor.
  • Or any other composite video feed. Come up with your own ideas!

The Digital Split Screen Manager also has a toggle button on the remote control for turning on/off the camera titles, date & time, etc. There are also color & hue adjustments for each camera that allow you to adjust the brightness, contrast or color of each camera to correct any picture or lighting problems with any camera feed.

Here are even more features:

  • Real-Time Processing (no jerky frames or pictures)
  • Programmable Dwell Time for switching between cameras
  • Display Screen Zoom In/Zoom Out function
  • Loop-Out BNC Connectors for every camera input – send the camera feeds on to other devices or your DVR – without affecting the picture quality
  • Freeze Picture Mode (may be activated in Quad mode or Full Screen Mode)
  • Size: approx. 10.2”W x 8.2”D x 1.6” H
  • 12v DC (with 12v – 1 Amp Transformer included)
IMAGE: Download specs icon IMAGE: Download manual icon Split Screen Manager Back View

IMAGE: Digital Split Screen Manager Back View Click for larger image

Digital Split Screen Manager Specifications

Video Input 1.0Vp-p Composite 75 Ohms BNC x4, Loop Out x4
External Input 1.0Vp-p Composite 75 Ohms BNC x1
Monitor Out
(External Output)
1.0Vp-p Composite 75 Ohms BNC x1, VGA OUT x1

OSD Display
Camera ID Display: Up to 8 Character
Camera ID Display: On / Off Selectable
Time / Date Display: (YYYY/MM/DD, HH/MM/SS)
Time / Date Display Format Type Selectable (i.e. YYYY/MM/DD, MM/DD/YYYY, DD/MM/YYYY)
Time / Date Display: Position (Top / Under) Selectable
Time / Date Display: On / Off Mode Selectable
Freeze Quad / Full Screen Mode
Remote Controller IR Remote Controller
Power Supply 12v DC, 1A (included)
Dimensions / Weight 10.23"(W) x 8.26" (D) x 1.68" (H) / 2.43 lbs