Light Boss

Tames the Toughest Lighting Conditions

IMAGE: light boss dome camera

Light Boss

  • 1/3” Pixim WDR
  • 3.3 - 12mm Varifocal Lens
  • True Day and Nigh
  • 750 TV Lines
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3 Axis Mount

IMAGE: 3 Axis Mount

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WDR Camera Comparison

IMAGE: WDR Camera Comparison

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The Light Boss is powered by Pixim, an ultra Wide Dynamic pixel system providing a number of technical improvements in picture quality for viewing areas of extreme light conditions. The innovative Pixim system that operates this camera treats each of the screen pixels as a camera.

Normal cameras either average the pixels in a region of the picture or blends them into groups, with the Pixim system, each pixel is ultra sensitive, and can deal with wide-ranging light conditions on its own, no matter what the pixels around it are doing. The result is a very high resolution, high quality and highly detailed picture that delivers true color recognition in low light or even high glare conditions.

All settings may be fined tuned to perform in any challenging locations, either at the camera or via an on-screen menu that can be controlled remotely with its built-in RS-485 communication connection. Based on this new technology, theLight Boss delivers a very high quality, high resolution and very accurate and detailed color recognition in a variety of light conditions.

The Light Boss is an ultra-slim dome camera containing a lot of user-friendly features. It incorporates a perfect and tool-free 3-Axis mount with which the camera can be installed on the wall, on the ceiling or on the slope with no limitation.


  • 1/3” Pixim WDR digital imaging device
  • Easy to use OSD function (RS-485 remote control)
  • True Day and Night (CR)
  • High Resolution of 570 TVL (Day) / 570 TVL (Night)
  • Enhanced low light performance up to 0.01 Lux / F1.4 (DSS ON)
  • 12VDC / 24VAC Dual power (Non-Polarity)
  • Camera ID
  • Digital Slow Shutter (DSS)
  • Privacy masking
Installation / Technical Information
Power Consumption
200mA (Infrareds on)
Maximum Distance for 12v DC over standard 18/2 power wire for the Light Boss Camera is 450' feet
Using 24v AC up to 1000'ft

Camera Video/Power Connection

IMAGE: 2.1mm Power Connector & BNC Video Connector

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